Specialist in stainless steel sheet metal and stainless steel processing

 Heurkens & van Veluw is a supplier specialized in stainless steel sheet metal, metallurgy, 3D laser cutting, stainless steel pipe and tube products, aluminum and steel. We have the newest and quickest lasercutting- machines, bending machines and welding robots for stainless steel sheet metal and metallurgy.

 Stainless steel sheet metal and metallurgy in-house

The power of our company is that we process a big part of the stainless steel metallurgy in-house.
Also together we can perform a value-engineering of your product. As specialist in stainless steel sheet metal and metallurgy we can offer the following benefits.

  • Fewer outsourced addresses
  • Faster turnaround
  • A better quality product for a better price

In addition we can laser cut and bend stainless steel till 6 meters long, tube laser cutting till a maximum of 255mm, tube till square 180mm and CNC rolling machine till 3000mm long.

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